Arizona Termite Control

Arizona termite control is a big challenge in certain homes in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale AZ. Termites are a major problem throughout the American southwest especially here in AZ. Termite control can be an issue all year round especially in the warmer climates, but there are certain times of the year when it is a huge and widespread problem for homeowners in Arizona and elsewhere. Some homeowners try to take on the challenge of dealing with these swarming pests on their own. But the smart ones realize that without the proper knowledge and equipment, they are likely waging a losing battle. Trying to control an enemy that is virtually invisible and that could be nesting anywhere in the home is a huge job for any homeowner. It is better to leave this job in the hands of a trusted Arizona termite control inspector, who can take a good look at the home to determine whether there is in fact an active infestation and what if anything should be done about it.

Termites Emerge in the Spring

It is possible to see termites at any time of the year. But a certain time period is most common for seeing them emerging in homes. That time is in the spring between March and May. During this time Arizona homeowners may see winged termites actually flying inside their homes, a very uncommon sight any other time of the year. The reason for this is simple. Spring is the season when swarmers or winged termites leave their colonies to go off in search of new homes. New colonies are established in spring more often than not. So if you see a swarmer it most likely means that your home is infested, although there is no way of being absolutely certain unless you discover the location of a colony. Either way, a sighting is reason enough to call an Arizona termite control inspector to find out what is going on and possibly get termite treatment.
When swarmers drop to the ground they shed their wings and very mechanically pair up and go about the business of starting new colonies. They are very efficient at what they do, and very destructive. Termite control issues can get very serious very quickly, so if you ever have reason to think your house is under attack, get with an Arizona termite control specialist as soon as possible.

Signs of Home Termite Infestation

There are many different signs that could indicate to homeowners that there is a problem with termites in the home. If you wish to eliminate this problem before it gets out of hand, pay attention to the warning signs. As mentioned previously, finding winged termites is almost a guarantee that an infestation is present. There are other signs Arizona homeowners can look for as well. Swarmers are attracted to light and can sometimes be found flying around windows or light fixtures. They are sometimes confused with flying ants but their abdomens and wings differentiate them. Earthen mud tubes protruding over foundation walls or sill plates are a sign of infestation as well. Termites build these tubes for travel between their colonies and the home when they go out for food. The presence of small workers inside the tubes can help determine if the infestation is active.
Sometimes there are no visible signs like laminate floor damage at all, at least none that would mean anything to the average Arizona homeowner. Arizona termite control inspectors can thoroughly check the home and can even point put any signs of termite activity that they come across during the inspection process. They will look in all the places this pest is most likely to be found. The cost of the inspection service is nominal in relation to the potential cost of not doing anything and taking your chances. There are control products available to homeowners at home improvement stores, but the effectiveness of these products is questionable; and in any case, success depends upon finding the colony and getting workers to take the bait.

Non Toxic Termite Treatment

The best way to deal with a probable infestation is to call an Arizona termite control company. These specialists have the experience and the equipment needed to do a thorough job systematically eradicating these pests from your home. Termite control techs can use bait and spray methods, resulting in instant kills and poisoning of the colony. Arizona termite control technicians working on a home will also return until the colony is no longer active.
Arizona homeowners can contact Arizona termite control companies for effective control of their pest problem. These creatures are common to the state of Arizona and are very destructive in all local species. Use this site to locate a nearby Arizona termite control company to help you with the pest issues in your home.

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