Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Without you having any clue on what’s going on, heartworms could easily infect your dog. One of the simplest ways to offer protection to your canine friend is to prevent heartworm, especially since the danger, cost, and psychological toll of having to put your dog through treatment is substantial.

So What’s The Easiest Way To Prevent Heartworm?

All pets need to be examined on a yearly basis for heartworms regardless of whether they have taken heartworm preventative or not. Heartworm prevention starts with a blood check to find out if parasites can be found. In the event that your dog is free of parasites, a prophylactic treatment should be given to avoid heartworm contamination.
Heartgard Plus is among the most popular drugs given to dogs to prevent this particular disease. It can be used by dogs of all sizes, weights and types, although dogs that weigh more than 100 lbs. will get a mix of tablets. It’s safe for pups 6 weeks+, expecting or breeding female canines, and stud dogs. Additionally, Heartgard Plus protects against roundworm and hookworm.
Any time administered as directed, Heartgard Plus is powerful in preventing heartworm condition in canines. Every bite from an contaminated mosquito may bring new heartworm larvae in to your pet’s bloodstream and re-infect a dog that is unprotected. When you use Heartgard Plus monthly it will kill immature heartworms introduced in the last thirty days and by doing so, stop the advancement of adult heartworms.
Heartgard can be purchased in a monthly chewable, beef-flavored tablet, which most dogs totally love the flavor of.
With regards to keeping your dog safe against heartworms, you can definitely not be too cautious. Thankfully, prevention is a breeze with items such as Heartgard Plus. If you take in to account the price of having to treat a dog with a heartworm infestation, which is a troublesome illness to get in order, this item is truly worth the cost.
However, keep in mind that it’s only available with a valid prescription + all dogs must be tested for heartworm prior to beginning a preventive plan.

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