Learn How to Attract Chickadees with Bird Feeders

Many people adore Chickadees. We have them in our yard. They seem to like our pine trees and since about August they have been darting around the four pine trees we have across the front of our yard.
To charm them to your yard, consider using hopper bird feeders. Backyard Bird Feeders provide a consistent supply of food. The food is stored in bird feeders and is dispensed as it is needed or used up by birds. The chickadee is one of the most versatile birds to attract since these birds are happy to feast using most types of bird feeders. The hopper bird feeder, though, gives them a bit of protection and provides a good source of food on a regular basis.

Chickadee Diet

Chickadees are going to come to your yard if you have a hopper feeder and you have the right type of food. These birds are located in a variety of areas throughout North America and are by and large plentiful. Since they are so readily available and are friendly, chickadees are easily attracted. To do so, ensure that they have the right source of food available:

  • shelled peanuts;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • suet;
  • mealworms.

In particular, these birds favor black oil sunflower as their main choice of food at bird feeders, but they will eat other types of food especially if there are nuts within the mix. Do choose a product that contains good nutrition in it for them, though.
Hopper feeders are not the only type of bird feeder you can use, suet feeders are also a great option. Use a version of suet that contains berries and nuts in it for the best overall results. Keep this out of reach of ants and other insects since their presence can dissuade the birds.

Their Habitat

Make sure to provide Chickadees with an appropriate backyard environment in addition to fully stocked bird feeders. They will nest in trees and bushes. If you live in an area where there are colder temperatures, the chickadee is likely to choose a fir tree or shrub since it provides more warmth. They can be found in open woods, parks, in cottonwood groves, deciduous forests, mixed forest as well as disturbed areas.

Train Them

If you have the time and patience you can actually teach Chickadees to feed on seed in your hand. This process does take time and you will need to have a fistful of peanuts or sunflowers to draw them to you. However, if you are patient and willing to wait, chickadees may come to you.

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