Top 5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Although many people like the idea of being self sustained and committing to growing your own vegetables, they think that it is a very hard process to carry out.
The truth is although you might need to spend a large amount of time setting things up at the beginning, the daily maintenance of your crop really doesn’t take too long. Often the other concern is the amount of space that growing vegetables can take up but there are a number of ways around this. Applying for a local council allotment could be one solution and there are a number of space saving raised garden beds available on the market to fit into the smallest of gardens.

Best Reasons To Start Planting Seeds In Your Garden

For The Fresh Organic Taste

You can’t beat the taste of fresh, organically grown vegetables. Vegetables bought from a shop have often been transported over long distances before they even make it into a shop. This means that you rarely get to taste them when they are truly fresh and a lot of the flavor is lost.

To Avoid The Use Of Unknown Pesticides

It is hard for any company to guarantee that no pesticides or other chemicals have been used on the plants and soil the vegetables are grown in. Obviously pesticides are useful for protecting crops from being destroyed by pests and disease but it is unclear as to how much they effect the taste of your food. You can control what you put on your crops to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

To Encourage Your Children To Eat More Healthy

Encouraging children to try new vegetables can typically be a challenge. Getting your children involved with the process of growing fruit and vegetables will get them more interested in tasting different types of food they have helped to grow. This is a great way to help promote healthy eating in your children from a young age.

For The Health Benefits

Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is a great way to get everything you need to keep yourself healthy. You will often find that people who grow their own vegetables will tend to eat more of them, more often. There is also the added benefit that digging the garden and spending the time outside will be good exercise and will help to increase your fitness.

Reduce Your Supermarket Bill

One thing that is obvious is that by planting vegetables you will save money on your food shopping. Supermarkets tend to have special offers on packs of carrots and another veg, which often means you buy more than you need. The problem with this is that vegetables often have a short shelf life so they often end up being thrown away before you have a chance to use them. Therefore growing your own will help you to avoid wasteful spending.

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